On Hair, Guinea Pigs, and Cosmic Injustice.

February 19, 2014


I have a serious beef with Mother Nature. I have long reconciled with the fact I will never have blindingly shiny PanteneĀ® hair that flows in graceful sweeps, even on the most windless of days. So many false promises. I had held on to hope for a long time, reasoning that since I’m marginally Asian, […]

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Entry-Level, Min. 5+ yrs. Exp.

January 24, 2014


JOB DESCRIPTION Prestigious, well-known company you’ve never heard of with vague web description seeks desperate and disenchanted sap to join our team! Fantastic opportunity for candidates willing to abandon personal dreams for the semblance of a lucrative career in a field entirely unrelated to their interests because, lets face it, those bills won’t pay themselves. […]

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Shrugs not Hugs

January 3, 2014


A lot of things have the capacity to make me quite uncomfortable. Elevators. Large crowds. Improperly used ellipses. Tim Curry. But probably the most anxiety inducing of the little discomforts I am regularly subjected to is The Hug

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